Welcome to the home of Your House Counsel®, The National Consortium of Highly Regarded Insurance and Corporate Liability Defense Law Firms. While each of our firms is independent, we all share a common philosophy of client centered, results driven, cost effective defense.

As the industry has changed, the make-up of those who are hired to defend the claims and lawsuits has changed. From close friends and acquaintances, to panels, to regional and national firms. Your House Counsel® is the next step in the progression towards a national solution, joining the service and cost-effectiveness of small to mid-size firms with the reach of a national organization.

Regional and national firms may be convenient for an initial referral, but their politics, structures and hierarchies make them costly and inefficient. Each Your House Counsel® Member Firm is independent and has a Relationship Partner dedicated to your relationship and your work.

One of the things that makes working with Your House Counsel® and its Member Firms is the type of people we have in our organization. You’ll know right away what type of people they are. Think of the defense firm with which you have the longest and closest relationship. We have an organization full of those people. And chances are you are already using at least one Your House Counsel® firm. View our Member Directory here.

As jurisdictional needs have expanded, valuable resources are stretched in an effort to maintain control over the defense. Building and maintaining a panel and communicating with that panel is a job in itself. Your House Counsel® does that for you. We know our member firms. We work with you to make sure your initiatives are rolled out throughout our Member Firms. We arrange meetings, whether on site, at an industry event or virtually.

We look forward to speaking with you to tell more about how Your House Counsel® can be your national solution. Please contact us or look for us at the next industry event.


Howard S. Shafer, Esq.
President, Your House Counsel®