Is Your House Counsel® a Law Firm?

No, Your House Counsel® is a consortium of independent Highly Regarded Insurance and Corporate Liability Defense Law Firms.

Are Your House Counsel® Member Firms vetted?

Yes. The firm’s lawyers have received AV™ rating in Martindale-Hubbell,™  a recognition of Super Lawyers® or comparable recognition. Firms are listed in the A.M. Best Directory of Recommended Insurance Attorneys. The firm’s lawyers have excellent reputations and deep experience in their practice areas. The firm’s history is sound, displaying steady growth. The firm’s fee structure is reasonable and fair. The firm has incorporated technology into its day-to-day operations. The firm’s malpractice insurance has minimum limits of $1 million. The firm must provide its State Bar disciplinary history, including any grievances filed against the firm or disciplinary actions. Firm references are checked.

Is there preferred pricing with Your House Counsel® Member Firms?

Yes, speak to us about that. We have a number of different programs available.

Do Your House Counsel® firms share fees?

No, fees are neither shared with Your House Counsel® nor among Member Firms.

I have a firm that I like, can they be considered for Your House Counsel® membership?

If we do not already have a firm in their jurisdiction we will be happy to consider them.

What if I have a problem with a Your House Counsel® firm?

In the unlikely event that you have a problem and your problem is not resolved to your satisfaction by the firm, all Member Firms are answerable to the organization.

I  have regional or national needs, why should I choose a Your House Counsel® firm over a regional or national law firm?

In a regional or national firm, you have one relationship Partner in one city who is the point person for your work. While your work is very important to that person and perhaps his or her local office, it is less so to those at branch offices not receiving origination credit for your work. Also, all branch offices are not created equal. The service will generally differ from office to office. With a Your House Counsel® firm each firm has a relationship Partner responsible for and invested in your work. In addition, each firm is vetted to be sure that it is indeed a known quantity in its jurisdiction.