With Your House Counsel®, you’ll have
One Point of Contact for your local, regional and national needs.

Your House Counsel® is more than an excellent source to find experienced, proven insurance and corporate liability defense firms.

That’s because you’ll also have One Point of Contact who is ideal for your specific needs — no matter if that individual is one of our five Your House Counsel® Regional Leaders, one of our eight National Leaders, or one of our 32 Practice Group Chairs.

So instead of dealing with a complex corporate structure and the inevitable, frustrating issues that it brings, with Your House Counsel®, you’ll have the same, single point of contact from beginning to end.

And, on a day-to-day basis, you’ll have a relationship partner at each firm working to ensure the success of your program.
Plus, there are important additional reasons to turn to Your House Counsel® Member Firms:

► We conduct extensive due diligence coupled with a very stringent vetting process, to assure you that our Member Firms are highly qualified.

We offer uniform preferred rates and portfolio fee arrangements, so no matter which Member Firm you work with, you’ll get our best rates.

You’ll be represented by a neighbor, not a stranger — this local representation means our Members know the nuances of their jurisdictions.

We’re right where you need us — we’re adding qualified Members in jurisdictions nationwide.

So for a far more effective and efficient way to find and work with the right insurance and corporate liability defense firm or firms, your solution is Your House Counsel®.

Point well made.