SINCE 2016

TENNESSEE – Middle and Eastern

Since its founding in 1954, Arnett, Baker, Draper & Hagood, LLP attributes its ongoing success to the three I’s”: Integrity, Intelligence and Industry. While our society and the practice of law have certainly changed and evolved during the course of the firm’s history, the firm’s belief that integrity is the most important characteristic of a good lawyer has not changed. Additionally the longevity of Arnett, Baker, Draper & Hagood, LLP and the achievements of its lawyers, both past and present, are a testament to the firm’s continued focus on the intelligence and industry necessary to effectively and successfully address the needs of its clients.

The practice philosophy of Arnett, Baker, Draper & Hagood, LLP is to gain a complete understanding of each client’s unique needs for legal assistance and to work in cooperation with the client to obtain the best possible resolution that addresses those needs. Honest, thoughtful, diligent service to clients and to the profession of law continue to be the hallmarks of Arnett, Baker, Draper & Hagood, LLP and the reasons for its existence.

A strong work ethic, a commitment to preparation, dedication to the highest ethical standards and principles, as well as a strong commitment to the community and the legal profession, have been guiding principles by which the firm has practiced since its inception. The firm continues to grow and expand its range of legal services by adhering to these tried and true values while constantly adapting to and growing with the ever changing demands placed upon the firm and its clients.

We strive to become partners with our clients. Our lawyers place a premium on listening to the client and learning the client’s philosophy and goals. We understand and meet our clients’ needs for prompt responsiveness in all communications. We provide clients with our best objective professional analysis and assist clients to achieve their stated goals within the bounds of applicable law.

The firm has also earned the distinction of being listed in Martindale-Hubbell’s Bar Registry of Pre-Eminent Lawyers. This publication is limited to only the most distinguished law practices, those who have achieved an “AV” rating in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.

Practice Areas:

Insurance Defense; Products Liability; Medical and Professional Malpractice; Drug and Medical Device and Hospital; Employment Discrimination and Employment; Personal Injury; ERISA; Trucking; Workers’ Compensation; Aviation; Asbestos; Commercial; Construction; Corporate; Health Care; Torts; Wills and Trusts.