Covering a wide range of important subjects, our library of highly informative YHC Webinars and Presentations are developed by Your House Counsel® as well as by individual Member Firms. We invite to review and download our informative and widely respected Webinars and Presentations.

Understanding the Verdict Sheet
When the case goes to trial, who will be there to share the blame? The answer varies from state to state – with substantial implications.

Out of Control Gun Violence
A discussion of security concerns from a premises liability viewpoint from both an insurer and insured with a focus on the potential exposure from victims and regulators and with a particular emphasis on violence in the workplace.

This comprehensive presentation on the insurance industry’s major concerns with Drones which has been presented at major conferences and to leading industry groups around the country.

Reservation of Rights. Recent Developments
Prepared and presented by one of our Member Firms, the presentation covers all salient areas, including: Notice, Content, Waiver/Estoppel, Reimbursement in Reservation of Rights Context, Declaratory Judgment, Conflicts of Interest, Cumis Counsel, and What Is The Trend?

Vendor or Partner
A valuable and candid presentation of what it takes for a law firm to truly be a partner, from alternative fee arrangements to the benefits of having a legal partner, and more.

Changing Face of Insurance Defense (download only)
This in depth look at social media, alternative fees and where the insurance defense industry is going gives claims professionals an excellent overview of major trends that are affecting the industry today, and tomorrow.

Bad Faith, Reservation of Rights
Prepared by the YHC Member Firm representing New Jersey and New York, this presentation covers Bad Faith Claims and Reservations of Rights in those two states, including Recent Cases, plus Criticisms and Anticipated Negative Effects.

Civil Liability for the Criminal Acts
Prepared by the YHC Member Firm representing New Jersey and New York, this presentation covers Civil Liability for Third Party Acts, Property and Business Owners, Municipalities and Public Entities, and Limitations on Liability.