Your House Counsel® virtually eliminates the effort, time and expense of searching for a highly qualified Insurance and Corporate Liability Defense Law Firm.


You likely know all too well that retaining counsel on short notice not only draws attention, time and effort away from normal work, but it can also add to your costs. And there’s no assurance you’ll be happy with the results.

Your House Counsel® presents you with an easier way to conduct a search that will more likely lead to satisfaction. What’s more, if you don’t have staff counsel, you don’t have a problem, because our Members can become your Staff Counsel. Just ask.

Your House Counsel® has diligently performed extensive due diligence to give you peace of mind.
With 40,000 potential firms to select from, the task of choosing one, especially in a distant jurisdiction, can be daunting.

Or it can be relatively quick and trouble-free. That’s because Your House Counsel® has already conducted extensive due diligence for you, making sure the firm is AV-rated or has received comparable recognition, closely reviewing the firm’s reputation in the community and among its peers, gauging the lawyers’ in their practice area, and reviewing the firm’s history, the length its lawyers have practiced, its disciplinary history and insurance coverage.

So you can be confident that the Your House Counsel® Member Firm you select is, indeed, The One To Turn To.

Your House Counsel® Member Firms offer uniform preferred rates and portfolio fee arrangements.
While Your House Counsel® Member Firms are all across the country, our fees are not all over the place. Instead, our Member Firms offer Uniform Preferred Rates as well as Alternative Fee Arrangements that you will likely find to your liking.

So no matter which Member Firm you turn to, the rates will work to your advantage.

Finding an attorney with proven experience will take minutes, not days or weeks.
We make it very easy for you to use the Your House Counsel® website to find the candidate firm for your needs, review their credentials, and contact them directly.

Your House Counsel® Member Firms are right where you need them.
As a national organization, the goal of Your House Counsel® is to have Member Firms in every major market in the United States. And we’re well on our way, with Member Firms all across the country.

And by continually contacting highly qualified firms about broadening their coverage and resources by becoming a Your House Counsel® Member Firm, our quality Membership continues to grow.

Your House Counsel® Members know their local markets. So you will be represented by a neighbor, not a stranger.
Your House Counsel® Members give you the decided advantage of having “local” representation, with the advantages of being familiar with the courts, with other local attorneys, and with the nuances that might impact a case in a distant jurisdiction.

You can benefit from every Your House Counsel® Member Firm having the entire consortium to turn to for advice.
Your House Counsel® members are encouraged to give each other the opportunity to call upon their specific experience. Our Practice Group Chairs not only serve as a point of contact for clients, but also for Members seeking advice in specific practice areas.